EV Charging Solution

All Charged Up for EV Stations

As companies and consumers rise to meet the challenges of climate change, Electric Vehicle (EV) technology has evolved at an astounding rate leading to the exponential growth of EV sales. With more people using electric or hybrid cars, many businesses have been working hard to supply and install charging stations for their customers and employees. However, while these charging stations may be new, many of the buildings they provide for are not. Companies therefore often find themselves needing a safe and effective means of installing new electrical utilities without damaging or disrupting existing structures. That’s why in this week’s blog post we’ll be talking about Horizontal Directional Drillings (HDD) role in the installation of EV charging stations and how L&M can help.

By years end, the EV market is expected to have more than 80 models. Meanwhile, the Biden administration continues to pursue its goal of installing 500,000 DC charging stations across the country. With such significant market growth and such lofty government goals, it’s reasonable to wonder how so much electrical infrastructure could be developed so quickly. Like most electrical infrastructure, EV charging stations rely on underground conduits to provide power to their systems. Directional boring is the solution. This trenchless method of installing underground electrical conduits allows for less disturbance to business traffic and surfaces. L&M begins by performing a site survey that determines where existing underground utilities are located so that can be avoided and preserved. Then, rather than being forced to excavate entire lots, bore pits can be dug with minimal excavation. These bore pits serve as the entry and exit points of the electrical conduit, allowing for the space between to be drilled out and the piping pulled through. Upon completion, we can restore those bore pits and can even provide concrete pads for the stations to sit atop. Here at L&M, we've worked with several partners including Hertz and Toyota over the last year to provide power to EV charging stations across the state of Colorado. The trend of electric vehicles and EV charging stations continues to grow, and with the help of HDD and L&M, the future looks bright!

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